Harriet Taub’s memory

It was a lifetime ago – I was just 20. I was there for a Paulus Berensohn workshop on pinched pots. It was very therapeutic.I remember that I wound up making these very dainty coiled buildings – go figure. There was a wonderful woman – maybe her name was Judith? who attended that week with me and we wound up traveling up north together – my first trip. Anyway, on the first day of the workshop Paulus did a great introduction circle – that I still remember and use till this day. He introduced himself and then the person to the left of him introduced themselves and then introduced Paulus. By the time we got to the last person, that person was able to introduce everyone in the group. It was very cool. I left the world of clay many years ago but that was a terrific week for me – California in the 70’s….

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Photos from Debra

Debra R. posted these and I thought I would put them up here.  They are a blast from the past, especially the maps and the picture of the people on the back of the truck on Swanton, in the valley.

(Click on the photos to see them bigger)

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