Heather McDougal is a mostly-fiction writer who writes the blog Cabinet of Wonders.  She is the daughter of Bruce and Marcia McDougal, who ran Big Creek Pottery for many years, and is interested in recapturing as many stories from that time as she can, possibly for an eventual book about that era.

Published on January 22, 2009 at 4:57 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. Heather,

    Bruce and Marsha McDougal? Heather I am trying to place you….were you their daughter? How old were you in the early 1970’s ? I’m sorry…I do not know exactly without research when I was there.

    I came from Iowa to study with Bruce McDougal. It was quite an adventure for I had a two year old child at home being cared for by my husband and my mother. I really wanted to learn how to make pots.

    After college I married a farmer from Iowa and wanting my own business and having a touch of clay in college knew that it would be the skill I would try to master.

    What a joy and learning experience Big Creek was. Bruce was a talented teacher; Marsha, I am sure, the best of organizers. We were a fairly large group of people and all blended well. The meals were always delicious…my first experience at garbanzo beans and blintzes.

    I was there for a three month period …….. went back to Iowa and started a studio. I am now 62 and have retired but spent 30 years as a functional potter. Big Creek taught me the pottery skills needed to start the journey of a successful business.

    I would love to come back to Big Creek and do it all again. It gave me my first love of the ocean……a place still very warm in my heart.

    I would so like to know about you, Bruce and Marsha.

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. Hi Heather.
    I remember you I think.I was there the Summer of ’72.
    My first summer out of high school.
    I’m sure I can come up with some memories.
    I’m still in touch with people from that Summer.
    My life was never really the same sfter that.

  3. Wonderful to hear from you Deborah. It has been so long. Bruce and I have had a whole other chapter in our lives since our special days at Big Creek. We spent 28 years with two restaurants, a b&b, and retail store in Davenport which we designed and build. So, we were very busy. Meanwhile we expanded from three children to their spouses, 7 grand children, and two great grandkids.
    Life has been good to us. We have built four houses on one hill to all live on–separately but together. Bruce and I are healthy at age 80. What more is there in life.

    So great to know that your hands are still in clay. Come visit us and the ocean when you can. Hugs, M & B

  4. Deborah and Steve,

    Did you know there’s a reunion going on? A number of ex-students are trying to contact everyone they can find. If you email me at heatherdoodle at gmail dot com, I will put you in touch with them — especially if you know of other alumni that you can put us in touch with!

    (And yes, I was the little kid that ran around there in the 1970s, B&M’s daughter)

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