Kim K.’s Story

Back in the late 60’s, when I was 16,  I was captivated by an ad in the back of the Craft Horizons magazine.  The ad was a small, horizontal, black and white photo of hand thrown  pots lined up on a deck railing with mountains in the background.  It was an ad for Big Creek Pottery, ( of course the image was one which we all came to know and love).  Somehow I was drawn into that picture and, for lack of any better words,  felt like I had discovered my destiny. I thought to myself, I want to be THERE!

After high school I attended  CCAC, now called California College of the Arts , and majored in ceramics. In 1972  I still had that black and white image of pots in my mind and drove down the coast to check it out.  I told my parents I wanted to drop out of college and just go to Big Creek Pottery.  They were not as keen on this idea and convinced me to finish school and get my BFA, which I did.  For my graduation gift they gave me the money to attend a workshop at Big Creek.

Six years after being mesmerized by that magazine photo I attended the 1974 summer workshop with Bruce.  I arrived in my 1963 Volvo and immediately felt I was “Home”. It was almost like a spiritual awakening for me, the studio opened 24 hours, the creative energy vibrant and alive in every single person there, the most beautiful setting to create and learn, the delicious and healthy meals announced by the school bell. What wasn’t “heaven-the experience of supreme bliss” about it?  From the “name game” on the first day of introduction to stoking the wood kiln, taking turns as teams, it was the best experience I ever had in helping me understand my commitment to my art AND how to live with people.  Every part of my being was stimulated in a way it had never been before and it felt amazing.  My experience at Big Creek Pottery changed my life.

P.S. And then to think of all the relationships, marriages and children born (including my own) because of Big Creek Pottery….that is another story!

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