Photos from Debra

Debra R. posted these and I thought I would put them up here.  They are a blast from the past, especially the maps and the picture of the people on the back of the truck on Swanton, in the valley.

(Click on the photos to see them bigger)

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  1. I remember these photos. I may have even taken them! This was one of the most exciting periods in my California Adventures. I remember how exhilarated I was to work all day on those hard-seated kickwheels and to make make make. I can still remmeber Marcia glazing one of those huge platters swirling the glaze with the utmost ease. And the homemade granola by Annie. And of course the night we had to eat without utensils. I’ve never stopped making pots. I tell my students about Big Creek. And I still have my first cups made there! After Big Creek I hitch-hiked home with Carrie singing songs like “…eat a lot of peaches….” Those days were the ground of my professional passion. I was so happy to see the article in Ceramics Monthly this issue. It flooded my mind with many smiles. If anyone wants to contact me, I’d love to hear from you if you were in this session:
    I’m planning to attend the reunion. What joy!

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